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Chemind Hi-Tec Polymers have long standing, close working relationships with many global producers of polyether polyol raw materials, particularly KPX Chemical Co Ltd (formerly KPC Polyol Co Ltd), one of the largest manufacturers of polyether polyols in the Asia Pacific Region.  As a result, Chemind Hi-Tec Polymers have access to and are Australian agents for, a range of specialised polyol raw materials.  Many of these polyols are truly unique and unobtainable from other local and international manufacturers, offering the polyurethane formulator an expansive design palette.
Polyols are available for all areas of polyurethane formulation, including rigid, flexible, integral skin and semi-rigid foams plus CASE (Coatings-Adhesives-Sealants-Elastomers) applications.   


  • A range of industry standard polyol grades which have long been the mainstay of the polyurethane formulator
  • A range of unique polyol grades offering superior design and chemical structure characteristics
  • Very high quality and product consistency
  • High reactivity, low viscosity amine and aromatic amine grades
  • New generation, low viscosity rigid foam polyols based on sucrose, sorbitol, pentaerythritol, glycerine, TMP, TEOA, EDA, DETA and TDA initiators, mixed initiators and polymers

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