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Chemfoam® - Integral Skin Foams

A range of self-skinning flexible polyurethane foam systems used in a variety of moulding applications requiring a cushioning, resilient, cellular internal structure surrounded by a tough, hard wearing outer skin.  Commonly referred to as ISF materials.

These “two phase” components are moulded in one operation, using a single polyurethane system.  Mould details are reproduced exactly in the outer skin, which has good resistance to water, heat and many chemicals.


  • Production of automotive bumper over riders, steering wheels, dash & interior panels
  • Furniture arm rests and padded components
  • Soft feel waterproof spa bath head rests
  • Waterproof seats and other components for the marine and pleasure craft industry
  • Abrasion resistant, resilient safety restraints for theme park rides
  • Vandal resistant seating in public transport
  • “Self-Sealing” archery targets


  • Designed for processing through low or high pressure plural component dispensing equipment
  • Densities from 50 kg/m³ to 600 kg/m³
  • Available in standard or fire retarded grades
  • Excellent skin forming characteristics – 3mm skin thickness is possible
  • High tear strength
  • High foam flow properties, making these ISF systems suitable for the production of large or complex mouldings.
  • High reactivity, fast cure and short demould times
  • Formulated with the environment in mind
    -   zero ODP/zero GWP/zero VOC systems
    -   zero ODP/low GWP/zero VOC systems
  • Can be moulded to low (150 kg/m³) density, resulting in a desirable “soft feel” moulded product.  Can also be moulded to a more typical density (300 to 800 kg/m³) density by over-packing the mould.
  • As with all of our products, systems can be specifically formulated to suit your requirements and process

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