Grace Construction Products Chemind Hi-Tec Polymers for Decorative & Theming Applications

Automotive & Transport

Building & Construction

Chemical & Petrochemical

Civil Construction

Cold Storage & Refrigeration

Decorative & Theming

Electrical & Electronic

Energy Production

Hot Water Storage

Industrial & Manufacturing



Moulding & Mould Making

Oil & Gas


Sports & Recreation

Timber & Natural Fibres

Water Conservation

Electrical & Electronic

For further information, please select a product:

Chemfoam® Rigid General Purpose Pour Foams

Easy to use, hand-mixed, pour-in-place PU foams for thermal insulation and cavity filling.

Chemfoam® Rigid Moulding Foams

Polyurethane moulding foams developed for the production of moulded components

Chempol® High Performance Hot Cure Cast Elastomers

Hot curing elastomers for use in high strength and high wear resistance applications

Chempol® TDI Cold Cure Cast Elastomers

Cold curing elastomers with exceptional physical properties and abrasion/erosion resistance

Chemcast™ MDI Cold Cure Cast Elastomers

General purpose elastomers for moulding, potting and encapsulation processes

Polyether Polyols for Formulators

Raw materials for polyurethane foam, elastomer and isocyanate prepolymer formulation.


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