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A range of additive and accessory materials to complement our polyurethane materials.  Products include catalysts, curatives, fire retardants, plasticisers, pigments, solvents and machinery flushing agents.
These additives are typically available in 4kg, 20kg and 200L quantities for your convenience.
Specialised products such as mould releases, non-standard pigment colours, dispense machinery etc are not stocked by Chemind.  We do not claim to be experts in all fields and prefer to refer our clients to those who are, especially where dispense machinery is concerned.  We do have strong national and international ties with most producers of these products and can refer you directly to the manufacturers.


  • Catalysts – Amine and organometallic catalysts used to enhance reactivity of polyurethane systems
  • Curatives – Diamine and glycol curatives for cast elastomer systems, including DETDA, Ethacure 300, m-CDMEA, butane diol, TMP, MEG & DEG
  • Fire Retardants – Liquid, reactive or non-reactive fire retardants used to impart fire retarding properties to polyurethane foams, elastomers, adhesives and coatings
  • Isocyanate Decontaminant Solution – Liquid decontaminants for the neutralisation of Isocyanate drum residues or small isocyanate spills
  • Moisture Scavengers – Liquid materials designed to absorb moisture contamination in polyurethane elastomer polyols, preventing the formation of gas bubbles in the urethane during cure
  • Pigments – A range of urethane grade liquid pigments in a standard range of colours including black, white, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green and brown.  Also accessible are a range of organic dyes for producing transparent, coloured elastomers
  • Plasticisers – Non-phthalate plasticisers used to lower the durometer hardness of some Chemind elastomer systems
  • Solvents & Flushing Agents – Flammable and non-flammable solvents used for cleaning equipment and flushing dispensing machinery.  Also available are performance storage fluids and lubricants for dispense machinery and specialised solvents for dissolving cured polyurethane from metal and Teflon components

For further information and Product Data, please contact us.

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