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Waterproofing: External - Liquid

Waterproofing: External - Sheet

Waterproofing: Internal

Coatings: Waterproof

Coatings: Protective

Flooring Systems

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Sealants, Adhesives & Repair

Sealants, Adhesives & Repair

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Polymer modifier for cement render, patching and repair.

Chemcote W

Two-part, epoxy coating for negative waterproofing & damp surface sealing.


Ceramic tile adhesives – one and two-part.


Polyurethane, one-part joint sealants in FC (Fast Cure) & LM (Low Modulus) grades.


Crystalline growth, cementicious waterproof coating or admixture.

Epocote F100W

Water-based, two part epoxy sealer & coating.


Hydrophilic injection grouts and water-stop strips.

Waterstop Plug

Instant set, hydraulic cement powder.


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