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Chemind Construction Products Division

Main Products

  • Zero VOC and low VOC, water dispersed and pure polyurethane based, Australian Standards compliant, liquid waterproofing membranes for basements, landscaping, wet areas, planters, balconies and roofing.
  • High performance, water based, high build, decorative membrane coatings for high-rise residential and commercial buildings.
  • Cold applied sheet membranes for basements, tunnels, podiums, etc. on major civil, commercial and residential construction.

Development and introduction of:

  • Polyurethane liquid applied waterproof membrane technology.
  • Flexible, reinforced, liquid applied waterproof membranes.
  • High impact polypropylene flute sheeting as membrane protection.
  • Cyclone resistant, tropical membrane coatings.
  • Water dispersed, synthetic liquid rubber technology.
  • Integral micro-fibre reinforcement in liquid waterproof membranes.
  • Fully VOC compliant installation system for sheet membranes.
  • Effective, single component, hydrophilic polyurethane injection resins for water-stopping and crack injection in civil and commercial construction.
  • Acoustic insulation systems for residential buildings.
  • Ceramic tile adhesives compatible with Chemind polyurethane membranes.
  • Low hazard, fast cure, low and medium modulus hybrid polyurea spray elastomers as high performance waterproof membranes and protective coatings.
  • CSIRO Certification of wet area membranes to AS3740 and CSIRO tested to AS/NZS4858 as Class III all for approved use in accordance with Building Code of Australia (BCA).
  • Chemind Chemspray 690 - high performance, chemical resistant, fast cure, pure polyurea spray elastomer system with AWQC certification to AS/NZS 4020, for potable water contact waterproofing to concrete and steel substrates.
  • Zero GWP closed cell roof insulation board
  • Zero VOC grade polyurethane, liquid applied waterproof membrane technology.


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