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Chemind - Company Profile

W. R. Grace & Co. announced the acquisition of Chemind Construction Products on 3 April 2013. The acquisition will become part of Grace Construction Products, a leading global provider of construction chemicals and building materials that enhance the durability, strength and appearance of structures all over the world. In 2012, GCP posted sales of US $1.0 billion.  To read the press release, click here

Chemind commenced business as Chemical Industries, in 1976 to service the need for specialised and sophisticated waterproofing and coatings systems being demanded by contractors and consultants for the construction industry.  Our Chemind Construction Products division continues to meet the needs of the construction industry throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 1985, Chemind diversified its activities to include manufacture of polyurethane chemicals with the introduction of a range of rigid polyurethane foam systems.  Our Chemind Hi-Tec Polymers division is now a major technology partner and supplier of all forms of rigid and flexible polyurethane foam, elastomer, pre-polymer, adhesive and speciality polyurethane products to markets throughout Australia.

In 2002 Chemind cemented a long relationship with the multi-national corporation WR Grace & Co, by assuming National Distribution of Grace waterproofing membrane systems in Australia.

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Technical Capability

Chemind has the R&D experience and the key scientific personnel to undertake collaborative, applied research projects.  Many of our products have been invented based on a specific customer requirement, industry need or perceived application.

Our Commitment

Chemind has an ongoing commitment to excellence in market leadership, product quality and customer service.  Chemind offers a continuing partnership with our customers and the industries that we serve.

Our vision is “New Challenges and Wider Horizons”.

International Focus

Chemind and its products are well recognised by the international community with sales of product to the Asian and Pacific markets.
Our vision is New Challenges & Wider Horizons

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